Zoe Donaldson on being young and female in academia


A Twitter storm reminded her.

Zoe Donaldson, a jointly appointed assistant professor in the departments of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology and Psychology & Neuroscience, isn’t quite the same person she was when she was looking for a job.

Two years—one ‘golden year’ of funded, independent research and a second spent establishing her lab in Boulder— separate those versions of herself.

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Ben Pollard re-defines physics culture


I expected Ben Pollard to be aligning lasers in a dark basement. As a sixth year graduate student in the Department of Physics, he anticipates defending his PhD research this spring. However, he actually spends much of his time connecting with other physics students on a personal level. Their main question: how do you change the culture of physics and build community from within? Ben’s answer is finding a way “to cultivate physicists as people.”

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Science communication lessons from Dr. Julie Gerberding, first woman to head the CDC

In our increasingly globalized world, the consequences of climate change and pandemics are far-reaching while vaccine hesitancy, climate skepticism, and the Trump administration’s science and energy policies threaten to block efforts toward finding solutions.

Halfway through its first week, the Trump administration froze the Environmental Protection Agency’s grants and contracts, issued a gag order on public communication, and ordered the agency to remove climate change from its website. Now more than ever, there is a need for individuals who can engage the deeply partisan public in scientific issues, in ways that foster interest and excitement while helping to weed out fear mongering and misinformation.


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