Month: July 2018

Why chasing Bigfoot could actually be good for science

Scientists can, and do, leverage public interest in strange creatures to do large sequencing projects

#ThanksScience: The Power of Squeezing Rocks

How piezoelectricity has quietly influenced the world for over a century

Scientists across the country map insects inside our homes: most use swabs, a handful use sequencers

From five to forty species of arthropods might call your place home. Are you surprised? That’s more than I expected for my apartment, at least. But don’t start looking too sideways at your corners and cabinets. Hear me out: not all of these creatures are creepy. (Though some, I’m sorry to say, might make you sneeze). Arthropods come in an astounding array of forms, from ants to butterflies, crabs to scorpions, millipedes to spiders (the phylum Arthropoda includes all invertebrate animals with an exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages – a motley bunch with motley bodies). Biologists have cataloged […]

Day in the Life: Grace Guryan

Hydrologist and hydrogeologist Grace Guryan talks fieldwork, water law, and conservation with Science Buffs reporter Graycen Wheeler.

July Science Horoscopes

Why should scientists, notorious naysayers, miss out on the fun of horoscopes? See what’s in store for your July.