The Science of Science Fiction: A Trip to the Moon

New Series: The Science of Science Fiction

Think of your all-time favorite science fiction film. Now, think of all the scientific components of that movie. Are they all accurate? Of course not, it’s science fiction. But I bet when you were younger you thought some of it was true, and maybe you still think some of it has the potential to come true. That is one of the reasons science fiction is so appealing as a genre. However, some might argue that the portrayal of science in science fiction can be misleading to the general public. In our new series, the Science of Science Fiction, we’ll break down some of the science in our favorite examples of a beloved genre.

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Field Study – A Poem by Bridget Menasche

At Science Buffs we like to feature STEM in lots of different ways, whether that be articles about a particular scientific finding, a graduate student feature, or opinion pieces about an issue faced in STEM. This week we have something very special: our first poetry post! Bridget Menasche, a graduate student in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, and contributor to Science Buffs, is a scientist by day and a poet by night. She is also an avid artist, and has supplied one of her own paintings to illustrate this poem. This is our first installment of the creative Science Buffs minds at work–stay tuned for more!



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