The exercise evolution: an introduction to the science behind exercise

We all know exercise is good for us. Regular exercise can boost energy and increase physical fitness as well as prevent and treat heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Moving our bodies can help us combat mental illness, stave off age-related mental and physical decline, and improve our ability to think, solve problems, learn, remember, regulate emotions, and cope with stress. We also now know that sitting around for most of our lives can lead to poor health. Simply put, scientists studying the biology of exercise have increasingly shown that we need to exercise in order to be our best, healthiest, happiest selves. Ever wonder why nature molded us in this way? Why is every facet of our physiology seemingly programmed to benefit from exercise? We may be able to shed light on these questions by studying the evolution of our early human ancestors.

ancient greek

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Graduate Student Snapshot: Amber Ortega

Amber Ortega science

It’s not often that science and spirituality see eye-to-eye, but for Amber Ortega, spirituality and scientific research cooperatively shape her professional and personal pursuits. How did this recent Atmospheric and Oceanic Science graduate end up becoming a priestess of the ceremonial arts? A lifelong journey motivated by connecting science, policy, and those affected by science policy have defined the researcher and spiritualist that Amber is today.

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Graduate Student Snapshot: Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Being as connected to geek culture as I am, when I went to meet Christopher Moore at the Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy (CASA), I was expecting someone reminiscent of the characters from The Big Bang Theory. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he doesn’t collect light sabers and does not have a World of Warcraft account-although I was somewhat disappointed that we weren’t going to bond over a mutual enthusiasm for Marvel.

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