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Tu Youyou’s Antimalarial Drug Discovery: From Ancient Text to Clinical Trials

In the 1960’s, the world was plagued with malaria, and drug resistance was rising. Tu Youyou, a pharmacologist in China, was put on a top secret task force to find a new cure. Her weapon of choice? A collection of ancient Chinese medicinal texts, including Ge Hong’s 2,000-year-old A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies. It was a dark time in her country’s history. Her husband had been sent to a reeducation camp because like her, he was an academic. That meant he was trained in Western ideas that threatened the current regime. Perhaps Tu was even more dangerous to the […]

Faster, higher, stronger – together

Can biomechanics help amputee sprinters compete at the highest level?

CU Green Labs makes science sustainable

Efforts to reduce lab waste and energy consumption have positive impacts on research and the environment.

Cancer cells: evading treatment by rebellion

Understanding why cancer patients relapse can pave the way for new treatments.

What factors influence who becomes a professor?

The road to professorship is not a level playing field.

Three-Minute Thesis: What makes good science communication?

Can you explain your science effectively in three minutes?

How to tend your relationship so the fire doesn’t go out

Science-backed tips for keeping a relationship happy and healthy.

The birds, the bees, and the rats

Female rats only find sex rewarding when the timing is right.

Transgender Patients Brace for Poorer Health Outcomes

The time to advocate for safe, informed, and accessible healthcare for people of all genders is now.

Does alcohol-based deodorant make any scents?

Kelsie Anson explores the world of natural deodorants– scientifically.