Space ship Earth has a new pilot

Outside of my professional life as a physicist, I have not seen any visceral evidence that makes me believe in climate change. One Indian summer, one hurricane, or one hot day is not enough evidence to convince me the climate is changing.


According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the average temperature of the Earth has increased 1 degree Fahrenheit over the last 100 years. I have neither lived for a century, nor do I have the ability to sense a one-degree temperature increase.

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How Exercise and Recovery Produce Olympic Success


Today in Rio, CU Boulder’s own Emma Coburn won the Bronze Medal in the Finals of the Steeplechase, a 3000 meter race over barriers and water. To complete the race, competitors run seven and a half laps on a standard 400 meter track. Each lap has five wooden barriers which, unlike hurtles, do not move when runners crash into them. The fourth barrier in each lap is followed by a water pit 12 feet long, and two and a quarter feet at its deepest. In a single race each runner encounters 35 barriers, including the 7 water pits.

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