Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Whether or not that’s true, it’s almost always entertaining to read what the stars have in store for you. Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes? Today Julie Sadino reports what the stars have to say about your discipline. In June, she’ll write what the stars predict for your month.

What’s your science sign?



At your best: a dreamer, artistic, open-minded

At your worst: restless, flaky

Astronomers have a bit of a reputation for being dreamers with their heads in the clouds. They are often doodling in their notebooks and are one of the most artistic of the scientific zodiac. People under this sign have also probably had their fair share of psychedelic experiences and are very open-minded as a result. They will also debate any conspiracy theory, especially aliens or lizard people, while also citing their sources. With so much to think about and discover, this sign is prone to restlessness. They might flake out on your dinner plans because they got in a Wikipedia hole about when the newest planet was found. Indulge their whimsy and you will never be bored!



At your best: intuitive, sociable, encouraging

At your worst: jealous, judgmental

Psychologists are the most sociable and outgoing of the scientific zodiac. They can walk into a room of strangers and leave with three new best friends. They love getting to know everything about your life story, from childhood to future hopes and dreams. They are also very good at reading people and can use their intuition to become lifelong friends… or to discover your darkest secrets. A psychologist will always be on your side and encourage you to become the best you can be. Their close relationships can turn to jealousy if they feel threatened. They can also be very judgmental if not in happy relationships. But they are easily won over by vulnerability and will help you through anything.



At your best: judicious, organized, practical, meticulous

At your worst: irritable, proud, vain

If you ever need an event planned, call a bioinformatician. This sign is very meticulous and well organized. They have color coded spreadsheets and could probably find that receipt from four years ago. This sign likes digging through small details and putting together a bigger picture. If fact, if you have a friend that likes 5000 piece puzzles chances are they are a bioinformatician. Since they like having all the details, they are also very judicious and carefully weigh the impact of their decisions before acting. The need to keep every piece in order can be exhausting and this sign can become easily irritated if others don’t listen to their well-researched advice. Their detail orientated view also lends them to be very proud and somewhat vain.  If this sign is at the helm of an event planning committee, you know it will go over well!



At your best: direct, honest, secure, loyal

At your worst: tunnel vision, uptight, stubborn

No sign embodies the phrase “what you see is what you get” better than the mathematicians. People born under this sign are direct and upfront and have no problem telling it like it is. This honesty is can be refreshing for some and abrasive to others, so mathematicians should be cautious of being too terse. This sign is also prone to tunnel vision and stubbornness because they often feel like their way is the best way. That self-assurance also makes them highly stable and secure people that become life-long, loyal friends and partners. If you need someone to help you pick out a dress or tell you if that new recipe turned out well, turn to a mathematician. They will give you their honest opinion and help you improve.



At your best: resourceful, inspiring, structured

At your worst: materialistic, inflexible, easily distracted

“Tinkerer” is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of engineers. People of this sign definitely have an overflowing craft room or tool shed. They have multiple projects going on at once and flit between meticulously taking apart a VCR to welding together a triple decker bike. Needing all the parts for these projects ends up causing this sign to be a bit materialistic. But this sign is also one of the most resourceful and would put MacGyver to shame. You could give them a broken down lawnmower, some rubber bands, and a canvas sheet and get back a fully functioning vehicle. While their methods are at times idiosyncratic, engineers like to get jobs done and therefore value forethought and structure. In fact, engineers rival bioinformaticians as the best planners of the scientific signs. Once they decide on a way to do something, even if it is a little unconventional, they will not stray from their plans and this lends a degree of inflexibility to this sign. Their final projects are always something to behold and their ingenuity is an inspiration to all.



At your best: level-headed, leader, magnetic

At your worst: detached, critical

Physicists are natural leaders and pioneers. They like to forge their own path and encourage others to come with them. This sign has a magnetism to them and they easily attract others to them. While physicists like having a following, they also like to be their own individuals and can become detached and distant to rise above the “hoi polloi.” This judgmental tendency also means that they can be overly critical of others, so make sure you have a tough skin when dealing with a physicist.  This criticism stems from their level-headed nature. People of this sign consider all possibilities and use logic instead of intuition when making decisions. This sign will engage you in fierce debates that might even shift your world view. If you are open to this, a physicist will not lead you astray.

Computer Science


At your best: charismatic, forward-thinking, trend-setting

At your worst: manipulative

Computer scientists are all about melding two worlds together. These people will have a wide array of interests ranging from ancient Greek philosophy to augmented reality. Their diverse interests and charismatic nature means that they have a wide circle of acquaintances. They like bringing friend groups together and are the epitome of “the more the merrier.” Sometimes people of this sign can have ulterior motives for these introductions, like expanding their network connections, and they should be cautious of manipulating others. Everyone likes having a computer scientist friend, because they are always thinking forward to the next big thing. They particularly like having the newest tech gadget and can describe the pros and cons of the newest iPhone. If a new trend gets their stamp of approval, others are quick to follow. Their attention is always in high demand so keep their interest by discussing the plausibility of time travel or artificial intelligence.



At your best: activist, protective, fearless

At your worst: vengeful, argumentative

If you ever need a witty sign for a protest, ask an sociologist for help. People of this sign will be leading the march and probably came up with their own chant. They are solid in their opinions and you’ll have to be quietly persuasive to change their mind. Get into a debate with them and you’ll see their argumentative side on full display. They’ll put out a list of hard facts and dare you to challenge them. Sociologists are also fiercely protective of their family and home. Cross one these people and you’ll see their vengeful side. These people hold grudges for a long time so if you spill wine on their pristine white rug you can be sure to hear about it for a long time. This sign is fearless and will stand up for what they think is right even if the other side is yelling louder. Being friends or partners with an sociologist means that you’ll always have an ally that will go to the ends of the earth for you.



At your best: altruistic, healer, compassionate

At your worst: impulsive, obsessive

Biologists are the healers and caregivers of the scientific zodiac. They have altruistic motivations and strive to make the world a better place. People of this sign will lose track of time trying to understanding everything about a niche topic. They’ll also probably spout off random facts about their area of interest whether you asked about it or not. Biologists should be aware that this level of dedication can turn into obsession and tunnel vision if not properly balanced. This sign also has a tendency to be impulsive and can make decisions without fully considering the ramifications. This behavior stems from an unfettered excitement for the next big thing. It complement those of more reserved signs. People of this sign are highly compassionate and can be found volunteering at dog shelters or hospitals. They will usually put the good of the group ahead of themselves.

Education Research


At your best: giving, selfless, patient

At your worst: overly protective, preachy

Education researchers are the most selfless of the scientific star signs. They value the advancement of others above their own needs. When their friends and partners succeed, they feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. They will quite literally give you the shirt off their back if need be. The people belonging to this sign are incredibly generous and giving. This also applies to situations when their help is not asked for. This sign can come off as preachy or nagging by constantly insisting that they know how to help. This can be abrasive to some of the more independent and stubborn signs but most education researchers have an intuitive sense of when their help is wanted and needed. These people can also be overly protective as they want the best for those around them and don’t want to see any of their loved ones fail. This sign is an invaluable friend as they will always be the first to lend a hand and help you achieve your dreams.



At your best: innovative, flashy, bold

At your worst: introverted, unapproachable

Nothing says “firecracker” quite like a chemist. The people of this sign are flashy, bold, and fearless. They like to wear loud prints and exaggerated styles. They have a theatrical side that, for some, can come out for a love of pyrotechnics or explosions. Some of this sign instead enjoy artistic endeavors such as a bright paintings or performance art. Indeed, chemists rival astronomists for their artistic creativity and flair. This sense of creative also comes with a tendency to be introverted. While chemists like to put on a show they are happy to retreat into their creative space and spend hours on a project. The combination of their flashy style and inward thinking can make chemists seem distant or unapproachable but they are incredibly fun people once you get through their shell. It is also highly possible that if you become friends with those of this sign, they will bring you a sample of the newest baking recipe they just tried out. Just be careful, their natural tendency towards innovation may manifest as a cake with a strange texture!



At your best: outdoorsy, independent, world traveler

At your worst: unreachable

If you have ever been hiking and know the scientific name of multiple random plants or insects, chances are you are an ecologist. While most of the other scientific signs would not enjoy trekking to a remote location just to see a rare bird for five minutes, this is a perfect day for this sign. Their independent natures means that they will happily embark on such an endeavor on their own. This sign is most happy out in nature and observing the world around them. These people are very observational and you’ll probably meet an ecologist scribbling notes in a worn-out notebook they keep in their back pocket. Ecologists love to travel and could probably tell you a story from every continent. Make sure to make plans with an ecologist far in advance because they are often unreachable for weeks at a time.

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