Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Whether or not that’s true, it’s almost always entertaining to read what the stars have in store for you. Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes? Today Julie Sadino reports what the stars have to say about your July.



Under the full moon you are at your most active and creative. Unfortunately, the full moon does not occur until the end of July so you might be feeling drained of energy at the beginning of the month. Take this time to rejuvenate and lay the foundations for future plans. That way you can get right to work when you’re feeling ready. Be cautious of letting your languid mood linger too long, though. Doing deep dives on Wikipedia while summer comes into full energy will leave you with a serious case of FOMO and restlessness. Even though it might feel like a lot of work in the moment, don’t flake out when a friend invites you out for dinner in the middle of month. You’ll feel refreshed and your conversations will likely spark the solution to a problem you’ve been wrestling with.



July is one of most psychologists’ favorite months because everyone is out socializing and having a good time. It’s likely that you’ve already planned a 4th of July party and are hard at work organizing the yard games and patriotic jello shots. With everyone dispersed as summer comes into full swing, you keep the friend group together by hosting dinner parties and going for after-work drinks on a sunny roof deck. You also enjoy this carefree season because people are much more likely to spill secrets about their summer fling after a drink or two. However, make sure not to spread gossip as it will come back to you! Be on the lookout for someone trying to get to know you better as well. With all this socializing you’re likely to meet someone that peaks your romantic interests!



Now is a great time to take a road trip with friends or by yourself. You love looking at maps and plotting the most efficient, yet entertaining, route from one place to the next. You’ll also like checking off destinations and events from your bucket list. Is there a food festival a state over? Hop in the car (or van or RV) and check out all the beautiful scenery and kitschy tourist traps along the way. All this planning is right up your alley and by the end of the month you’ll have a bullet-proof spreadsheet of all the traveling essentials. Just make sure to not get annoyed when your traveling companions don’t really feel like seeing the biggest ball of yarn or want to take a detour that you didn’t plan for. Roll with the good times and this will be a month to remember!



Have you been putting off a difficult conversation? Have you been texting “sorry, I’ve been busy!” to avoid someone? You know the solution to solve this difficult relationship– so now it’s time to buck up and fix it. That might mean letting some people in your life go but your intense loyalty means that you’ll do what you can to salvage the relationship. This other person is used to your straightforward attitude and is likely anticipating this conversation so just get it over with! Just be your open and honest self and you’ll both feel better. It might even be good to go on an outdoor adventure with this person so that nature can lend you her cleansing energy.



With the long days of summer leading to a lot of unstructured time, you have been enjoying the endless hours of tinkering on your favorite project. Whether you’re making sure your garden is growing just right or building a patio, you are in the zone. Just make sure to not get too distracted with other exciting projects that leave your carrots shriveled and your backyard a permeant construction zone. Sink yourself into your project and at the end of the month throw a dinner party with your fresh veggies on your awesome new outdoor space. Also make sure to pencil in time for social activities like a movie in the park or lounging by the river. These breaks from your work will keep your creativity flowing.



This month you are all about trying new things. Is there a new restaurant in town? Reservations made. Have you always wanted to see Shakespeare in the park? Tickets bought. Is there part of the state you’ve never been to? Gas tank full. The feminine energy of the moon will be low at the beginning of the month so embark on these adventures with a male friend or partner and feel invigorated by their companionship. At the end of the month, seek out a close female friend to ground you back on Earth and prepare you for the long days of August. Also, be sure to be patient with your friends during these new experiences. In fact it’s likely that you’ll have to bite your tongue a few times this month whenever someone isn’t being as adventurous as you would have hoped. That’s ok! Take a deep breath and enjoy the experience for what it is. Consider taking a trip to a place where the stars are clearly visible to just gaze and think about past progress and future plans.

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With such a large social circle you’ll be getting invitations to pool parties and BBQs left and right. This month, be judicious with your time so that you don’t run yourself ragged. That being said, you’re likely to meet someone who will be very helpful for a future venture towards the end of the month, so don’t pass up too many invites. All these events will have you meeting lots of new and interesting people from other social circles. Take this opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and use that energy to pick up a new habit for the rest of the summer (or year). If it works for you don’t be shy in sharing your new routine with others. If you suggest it, others are likely to follow suit!



With patriotic season in full swing around the 4th of July be cautious to not step on too many toes with your fierce opinions. A summer BBQ is not the place to change someone’s mind about a deep seated belief. Instead, try to engage them in a thoughtful conversation and try to at least appreciate their perspective. With the fire energy of the sun it will be difficult to keep your argumentative nature in check but if you do you might gain a new appreciation for others. In fact, it might be best to take a somewhat observational role at social functions at the beginning of the month and take note of how others handle similar situations. Enjoy the popsicles and watermelon instead!



Summer is your sweet spot and you are full of positive energy. You are working long hours on your passion project and enjoying every second of it. However, make sure that you take some time away to lounge in a hammock so that you don’t get burnt out. In fact, by the middle of the month you’ll feel like you’ve reached a completion point for a project that you have been working on. Take this time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t so that you can lay the foundations for the future. Then, by the end of the month you’ll be able to attack your project with renewed vigor. This month, also be careful of not making impulsive, big ticket purchases. You should be rewarded for all your hard work, but don’t go overboard. Also take this month to reach out to a companion that might be feeling down and bring them to into the summer vibe with a lunch date on an outdoor patio. They’ll appreciate the effort and you’ll enjoy helping them out.

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This month, take the opportunity to volunteer and give back to your community. This could mean walking dogs at the shelter, maintaining trails, or being a counselor at a summer camp. Whatever your interests are you’ll be feeling the need to give your time and energy to others. In return, you’ll be feeling accomplished and enriched. Just make sure not to butt into situations where people aren’t asking for your help. You’re coming from a good place, but sometimes people need the time to move at their own pace. You’ll also be in a bit of a homebody mood. Take July to relish in that and use it as a time to recharge and re-center yourself for the coming months. As long as you balance your personal needs and your giving energy, you’ll leave July feeling fulfilled and refreshed!



You’re up for anything in July. It’s that sweet spot of the summer where the days aren’t blistering hot like they are in August and there are no more sneaky winter days like in June. The world is brimming with possibility that are yours to reach out and grab. You’re the first one to jump off the bridge in the river, figuratively and literally. You’re trying new things and loving it all. You are especially pumped for the 4th of July where your mischievous and pyro tendencies are on full display. People can always count on you for the best firework display and creative drinking games. Just make sure that you take time to rest in the middle of all this excitement. It will be good for yourself and for all of your friends that are continually getting your “want to hang out?” texts.



July ushers in the beginning of summer with the sunshine, warm weather, and the snow melted from all your favorite outdoor spaces. These days you are outside exploring your favorite nature spots and challenging yourself to remember the Latin names of all the plants on the trail. If you are looking for a more immersive experience, consider taking a notebook on the trail and drawing your favorite flora and fauna. It will serve as a nice keepsake in the winter months when you get cabin fever. With all your adventures, be careful not to let friendships and partnerships take a back seat. If you’re feeling creative, sending postcards with your field drawings is a great way to keep in touch. Or better yet, bring a friend on a hike!

By Julie Sadino

Posted by Science Buffs

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