Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Whether or not that’s true, it’s almost always entertaining to read what the stars have in store for you. Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes? Today Julie Sadino reports what the stars have to say about your August.



The Perseid meteor showers in August are one of the hallmarks of late summer. This year the showers will be at their peak mid-month. This offers a great opportunity for a camping trip with friends so that you can share in this special event with them. The cyclic nature of the Perseid showers also asks you to reflect on your past year and ask what you can do to infuse more magic and play into your everyday life. If you want a truly other-worldly star-gazing experience, draw on the psychedelic forces provided by the earth. If you choose to include friends, this will be a bonding experience none of you will soon forget. You could even use this as an opportunity to mend strained relationships or to move a current relationship to the next phase.



Your social butterfly nature has allowed you to meet many new people this summer. In August, focus on a few of these friendships (or partnerships) and really invest your time in a long-lasting relationship that will carry you through the winter. You prize vulnerability in others but it goes both ways. Don’t be afraid to open up to others and they will return the favor in kind. Watching the Perseid showers in mid-August will be the perfect catalyst for an open and honest conversation that will bring you closer. Just remember that the other person has commitments outside of you and that you will need to keep your jealousy in check.



The carefree nature of summer combined with the intense August heat has you feeling extra irritable. Others are being more and more flakey with plans and you feel yourself alienated from those closest to you. It’s ok! We all go through phases where people wear on us. Instead of forcing interaction, take this time to look inward and organize yourself for the seasonal transition. Try cleaning out your closet or storage unit to streamline your life. You may find that you have a lot of extra junk laying around that is clouding your energy and you will feel lighter and more at ease after this purging process. Try to complete this before the new moon in mid-August for maximal benefits.



The royal energy that permeates August has you feeling more direct and terse than normal. You don’t have the time to mince words and you’re not afraid to tell someone some hard truths. In fact, there is a friend in your life that needs this right now. They’ve been a little too carefree this summer and they need someone they love and respect to tell them to get their shit together. Give this advice with kindness and not judgement and you’ll be an immense help to your friend. Your ability to see through the extraneous issues to the heart of the problem will be invaluable in this situation. It would also be a good idea to use this same approach in your own life and be honest with yourself if there’s anything that needs to be stripped away before the seasons change.



The hot days of summer are taking their toll on you and you are hard at work to find the most efficient way to cool down. Have you rigged up a fan that turns on and off depending on how hot the room is? Did you jerry-rig sprinklers to make a cheap slip-and-slide for a fun way to cool down? Whatever you’ve thought up, others are sure to want to join in. Use that to your advantage! Invite others to join in on the fun and give them the one-on-one time that you’ve likely been neglecting while you’ve been tinkering with your summer projects.



You’re feeling extra bougie as you draw on the regal energy of August. You’re enjoying fancy cocktails on roof top bars and self-pampering. However, your self-indulgence has also made you a bit more caustic so maintaining a level head and checking your ego will be important this month. If you take this advice, you will continue to attract others to you and you’ll be able to bask in their affection. However, if you get too big for your britches you will alienate others and find yourself isolated. It’s good to strut your stuff but if you’re inviting friends to a new tapas bar, maybe pick up the tab once in a while.

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August’s fire has you planning new ventures left and right. You have a dream board (or 5) for all the things you want to accomplish both before the summer ends and throughout the fall and winter. Additionally, the fixed nature of August has you extremely focused on accomplishing these goals. Go for it! This is an excellent time for you to lay the groundwork for new projects while you still have the energy to do so. Just make sure to take a step back mid-August during the New Moon to make sure that all of your plans are feasible. Remember that new friend you made in July? Now is the time to bring them into the fold and use their talents to your advantage.



The fixed fire energy of August has your argumentative nature at an all-time high. Take some deep breaths! Use that intense, focused energy for other things besides annoying your friends and family. Summer is still in full swing and the outdoors are calling. Use your excess energy to learn a new sport or take up a new hobby such as bouldering or rock climbing. Not only do these sports require your unique brand of focus and fearlessness, they are also highly social sports where you can meet new friends and likely be exposed to a new set of perspectives.



The encroaching end of the summer has you feeling extra impulsive and you’re taking more risks than normal. The fire energy of August combined with the New Moon of mid-August has you searching for what new paths in life you can peruse. You will likely go down these roads without much forethought because you find them exciting. There is the promise of a shining future if only you dedicate your energy to it. Be careful though, as pouring yourself into any one thing is unsustainable and by the end of the month, with the high energy of summer fading, you too will crash. Instead, keep the ball rolling on multiple aspects of your life and reflect on which brings you the most happiness and pursue that avenue further once the seasons change.

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You’ve made many new friends this summer through all of your volunteering activities! While others are going through a cycle of reflection and contemplation you remain their emotional rock. Others are coming to you for advice and support and you are more than happy to provide it. A good friend will come to you with something rather heavy in late August so be prepared to listen and console but not solve their problem. This person needs a friend and comfort above all else, and who better to come to you than you? Perhaps a camping trip with this person to watch the Perseid showers will be the first step in bringing you closer together and allowing them to feel vulnerable around you.



After all the fun and pyrotechnics of July you are wore out and looking for some alone time. Everyone needs time to recharge so take this opportunity to be more languid than usual. However, try not let this quiet time slip into laziness and isolation. Try to participate in some low-key activities like going to the movies or trying out some new recipes. In this way you are still expanding your horizons but also taking time for yourself. Leave the summer season feeling recharged and ready for your next step.



August brings fire to the natural world and with it comes a sense of cleansing and restarting. This month you will experience drastic shifts in your environment or mindset and, much like a wild fire, you will not be welcoming of this change and all you will see is burnt ashes. However, take the time to look closer and notice the seeds that can only open with intense heat, see the lives that call burned trees their homes, and try to find the positive in your situation. It may take time to heal from this disruption in your life but try to see it as an opportunity to refresh and start again. If you need some aid from the natural world to center your mind, seek out an old growth forest and sit in silence.

By Julie Sadino

Posted by Science Buffs

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