Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Whether or not that’s true, it’s almost always entertaining to read what the stars have in store for you. Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes? Today Julie Sadino and Graycen Wheeler collaborate on this report on what the stars have to say about your September.



Sometimes it’s okay to give in to the cartoon storm cloud rumbling around your head. Winter is approaching and you are especially sensitive to seasonal changes. Allow yourself a good sulk about whatever’s contributing to that nasty mental weather pattern – it should help things clear up and get you back to more temperate days. If you are in need of a more thorough purge, channel that negative energy into a craft project. Having a physical manifestation of your negative energy can allow you to finally release it.



Very few major grants are due in September, so you have a little bit of wiggle room for some constructive wackiness. Really try to solidify those half-baked ideas you’ve been mulling over. Additionally, just like you crave vulnerability in others, take that same lens and apply it to yourself. Start off the academic year by being gracious but frank about things that are bothering you. If this doesn’t fix things, go do one of those activities that start out as cathartic and give way to just being fun – take an aggressive hike, work on some needlepoint, cook a meal that involves a lot of chopping.



Time sometimes passes oddly for the bioinformaticist— especially at the beginning of the academic year where there is ordered chaos all around you. Remember to savor moments of excitement and loveliness, because this month will be full of them, but pay close attention to your friends this month. Most of them will want to reconnect after summer, but some may be having a hard time with the beginning of a new academic year. Offering to help them organize their hectic schedule with a new planner and some fun pens would be a fun option for you both. However, be conscious of what might be plaguing them: can your unique brand of structured thinking help?



You hate mistakes, and you’ll be noticing a lot of them as the planets encourage everybody else to go wacky and introspective this month. You will also likely be lamenting about all the things that you didn’t get to accomplish over the summer months. Try to tease out the lessons in these blunders and move on quickly. Wallowing rarely does anyone good. Others are going through a similar transition period so experiment with cutting them some slack for a week. However, if you find that your critical eye is too valuable to ignore, you can go back to being a hardass after the new moon on September 9th.



Engineers have a tendency to be assertive and vocal, and for good reason – you have excellent things to say, and you say them well. However, make sure that your domineering nature doesn’t overshadow quiet folks that also have excellent things to say. One of these folks could even offer a new way to approach a problem you’ve been struggling with. If you come across someone louder than you, muster the courage to remind them to speak more softly as well. By playing both sides you’ll be able to bring out the best in everyone. If you want to bond with these people even more so, consider getting a group together to tinker by making new decorations for your desks that will brighten your day throughout the new school year.



You’ve been a bit over-the-top lately. It’s been fun and your friends definitely (probably) love it, but jeez is it exhausting. Let somebody else take on the onus of being the Fun One at any Labor Day picnics and take the opportunity to let one of your chiller friends soothe your tired soul. This break in your leadership role will allow you to recenter as the hectic seasonal change swirls around you. You don’t need to be a people-pleaser this month, so don’t smile unless you want to.

Computer Science


Forget this back-to-school malarkey. While you’re at it, focus less on the standard malarkey too (even though you’ll probably still have to, you know, put up with it). In contrast to your usual nature, the hecticness of the beginning of the year has you overwhelmed. This could be the effect of the Uranus retrograde that asks for introspection– heed this energy! Everybody is so caught up in the hoopla that they won’t notice if you take a bit of time to enjoy this glorious golden month. Get outside and away from people to recenter yourself. Close your eyes while you wade in a lake somewhere, or do something else that floats your boat. While you’re at it, identify those relationships with friends and family that are most important.



Guess what! Uranus is very much in retrograde this month. Use that as an excuse for some introspection about all the contrasting perspectives you were exposed to this summer. Pause to consider what helps you be your happiest and do your best. September is a time of transitions both with people returning to school and the end of summer, so it should be a bit easier than usual to sneak in any adjustments you deem necessary. Take a moment to think about what ideas have really stuck with you and which you are interested in exploring further. Perhaps this is the spark you need for some new creative ventures. And be sure to pat yourself on the back at the end – no matter the outcome, introspection is exhausting but rewarding.



Uranus is in retrograde from mid-August to January 6th. Let this spooky Uranus action serve as a friendly planetary reminder that — despite what every blowhard at a conference will tell you — sometimes a more conservative approach to research can be valuable. This can be a difficult mindset for you to enter as you’re more likely to try anything and everything until something works. Instead, use this month to firm up the foundations of your work. Seek advice from all quarters as you move forward on projects. In your personal life, consider wearing more hats and accepting more compliments.

Education Research


After a summer season of constantly giving, be a little selfish and celebrate something great about yourself. You’re not usually one to be at the center of attention but ideally this should encourage other people to join in the celebration. Maybe you’re a really great baker and you could have people over for cupcakes? Or maybe you have a green thumb and you could bring people flowers? Regardless, leaning into your strengthens will encourage others to show you their positive traits as well. Use this to your advantage as teamwork is going to be crucial for you this month.



Back-to-school season is a chemist’s playground. On the one hand, there’s ample opportunity for you to stretch your organizational muscles and show off how clever you find yourself; on the other, there are all kinds of opportunities for you to meet new people and frolic with them. Your bright, sparkling nature was made for this as you thrive on this fast-paced blend of uptightness and debauchery. This month, be sure to savor the smell of new notebooks and the chatter of departmental barbecues, but remember to not overdo it and to take a breather occasionally.



With the equinox coming up, it’s finally time to start getting excited for autumn. Go ahead and revel in it both aesthetically and on a more ~spiritual~ level. Fall is a season of huge transitions, most of them centered around deaths and harvests. As winter approaches and the leaves begin to change, start a pressed leaf collection that will keep you cheery and vibrant in the monotone months ahead. Additionally, assess your projects and commitments to make sure they’re all still bearing fruit, and don’t be afraid to let those that are no longer serving you wither (after paying your respects, of course).

By Julie Sadino and Graycen Wheeler

Posted by Science Buffs

A CU Boulder STEM Blog

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