Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Whether or not that’s true, it’s almost always entertaining to read what the stars have in store for you. Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes?

Usually Julie Sadino reports on what the stars have to say about your month–this month is a little different! Julie is instead revealing how your science personality traits align with our favorite Thanksgiving foods. Happy November!



Astronomers embody all the lovely, cheesy qualities of mac-and-cheese. On one hand, they’re simple and to the point—but on the other,  they’re a world of possibilities. With mac-and-cheese you can get as creative as you want with fancy cheeses, extra ingredients like meats and veggies, and a whole world of bread crumbs. All these options of creative expression parallel the astronomer’s creativity and willingness to dream big.



Psychologists are the cranberry sauce of the scientific world. Whether it be homemade or from a can, it’s a welcome addition to any gathering—much like you! You add a splash of color to a beige world and add a bright flavor to the situation around you. You’re also good at tempering your more bitter qualities with an overall sweet demeanor that people are drawn to.



Baking is meticulous and traditional dishes are often handed down through families through careful record keeping. The bioinformaticist’s meticulous spirit is perfectly captured when baking an all-American apple pie. You also sometimes feel like you’re a bit of an unsung hero and apple pie’s (undeserved) second chair position to pumpkin pie speaks to your heart.



Mathematicians would argue that they are the original science, that everything else we study would be useless without math. This sentiment causes mathematicians to personally identify with the turkey at the Thanksgiving feast. Turkey is the traditional staple of the Thanksgiving meal but, just like math, too much of it might just put you to sleep!



Engineers are the dinner rolls of the Thanksgiving meal. While baking is very exact and it can easily go wrong, there’s still room to try new varieties. You can go basic white bread dinner rolls, you could make whole-wheat versions, or you could try any of your other gluten free flours. Want to mix it up even more? Try making cheese stuffed rolls or add a little pumpkin in there. The creativity within a defined recipe of dinner rolls is what speaks to an engineer’s energy. Just make sure that you only choose a couple recipes so you don’t get distracted with all the possibilities!



Green beans slathered in butter are sure to attract a large following, just like physicists. On the other hand, some find green beans and physicists a little difficult to ingest and shy away. While others may not be initially drawn to you, you’ll surprise those that take a chance on you with your diverse flavors and the crisp energy you bring to the table.

Computer Science


Computer scientists are known for the innovation and bridging different disciplines. This is perfectly encapsulated by bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts. It was likely a computer scientist that first took a previously disliked dish, wrapped it in some delicious bacon, and suddenly the dish is Pinterest famous. Some also argue that bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts is what started the trend for bacon wrapped EVERYTHING. Good job on being an innovative trend setter!



Sweet potatoes with mini-marshmallows can be a polarizing dish, just like a sociologist. You are unapologetic in your unique brand. Those that love you couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving without you and those that hate you would like to avoid you if at all possible. That doesn’t bother you though, because you know who truly loves you and those are the ones that get to see your sugary sweet side.



There are few dishes that are more comforting than mashed potatoes. While mashed potatoes may not be the best for the body, they heal the soul. There’s also nothing fussy about this dish but you probably couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving without this starchy delight. Biologists and mashed potatoes are here to make your life better and they rarely disappoint.

Education Research


It’s difficult to imagine Thanksgiving turkey without stuffing. While stuffing, and education researchers, shine in a supportive role, don’t underestimate their ability to be delightful on their own. Some people look forward to Thanksgiving specifically for the stuffing and it’s easy to see why. The dish is comforting and bright and adds some variety. Education researchers love helping others but don’t forget their own unique strengths!



Chemists are the pumpkin risotto of Thanksgiving. Just when you thought we’ve run out of new ways to ingest pumpkin, risotto is a new twist that embodies the chemist’s innovative spirit. There’s also a bit of a witchy vibe to risotto—you have to be constantly stirring your lightly bubbling cauldron in a manner that harkens back to the early days of chemistry. Above all, chemists like to transform underappreciated compounds into new exciting ones with a flashy display. With this in mind, recruit a chemist to transform your risotto left overs into deep fried arancini.



Ecologists embody an herbaceous winter salad that breathes fresh air into a carbo loaded meal. There’s so many variations on a salad that encapsulates the diverse disciplines of ecology. Want some sweet, roasted pears? Or some crunchy, filling kale? Maybe some bright and delicate pomegranate seeds? Whatever your leafy interest, a winter salad and ecologists have you covered.

By Julie Sadino

Posted by Science Buffs

A CU Boulder STEM Blog

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