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Colors of the Sky: Part 3

How humans affect the color of the sky

Honey, bee nice to your friends

Bees in tree-hanging swarms will burden themselves for the good of the group.

October Science Horoscopes

Julie Sadino reports on what the stars have to say about your Spooktober.

Colors of the Sky: Part 2

Have you ever wondered what makes a double rainbow?

Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold: Fact or fiction?

For a new series about the science behind urban legends, Gretchen Wettstein learns about what we (or maybe just mice) should eat when we’re sick.

Colors of the Sky: Part 1

Why is the sky blue? Why isn’t it purple? Aroob Abdelhamid asks these very important questions.

September Science Horoscopes

Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes?

You are what you breathe: how air pollution shapes our epigenomes

Research is rapidly populating this new frontier of biology to find out how gene expression is changed by environmental factors.

Air quality from Greeley to Ghana

CU Boulder scientists, in collaboration with scientists all over the world, are studying air quality with new technology and local help. 

CU Boulder’s “Superhuman” Lab is making programming more accessible

How do we teach young visually-impaired students how to program, when current methods rely so heavily on images?