Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Whether or not that’s true, it’s almost always entertaining to read what the stars have in store for you. Why should scientists, notorious naysayers,  miss out on the fun of horoscopes? Today Julie Sadino reports on what the stars have to say about your Spooktober.



With the fall equinox recently occurring, you enter October with a sense of perfect balance. You are neither spreading yourself too thin nor becoming a hermit. You feel refreshed by the changing seasons and reflective on what summer has brought you. However, by the end of the month the shortening days and lack of sunshine leave you feeling a bit melancholy. Offset this energy with a productive hobby, maybe even one that you could use to make Christmas gifts in the upcoming months. If you’re in more of a brooding mood, try to really listen and understand the moon energy you are receiving this month. The moon is brightest in the darkest night, after all.



October marks the beginning of the holiday season and the flurry of social events that come with it. You will have plenty of invites so use the first half of October to re-center yourself and take stock of those things in your life that you value and want to maintain. Remember that you don’t have to be a people pleaser and that it’s ok to take time for yourself. Maybe in that quiet time you can think of a fun group Halloween costume. Since you’re never lacking in friends, make sure it’s one that can accommodate a lot of people!



With the academic year in full swing you are in near Bioinformatic bliss with all the fresh office supplies and color coded folders. Your excellent organization skills are keeping your project and work schedule in tip top shape. At the same time, be aware of a close friend might be feeling overwhelmed this next month. They could use your guidance to trim away excess commitments, or at least get a day planner, and get them back on track.



Group dynamics are currently a struggle for you. Whether that’s a group project at school, a strained friend group, or chaotic parties patience is needed right now. With the new moon early in the month, take this time to pause and reflect on which of these relationships are important keep and which ones you could do without. Your strong sense of loyalty and stubbornness will make this assessment difficult but it will be necessary to bring harmony and joy to your future.



Crafting for a Halloween outfit is an event you look forward to all year. You’re seeing inspiration from everywhere and your creative wheels are turning. Maybe you want to build the classic group roller-coaster costume, or you could craft an intricate wire and stone headpiece, or you might be trying to recreate your favorite Burning Man-esque costume complete with pyrotechnics. Whatever it is you decide, just make sure to settle on an idea before you run out of time to bring your creation to life! Also be sure to budget some time to help others with their ideas, they’re going to need your engineering eye.



The new moon is a time of introspection and contemplation. It can also be a time when you feel a bit listless and directionless with such a prominent celestial body hidden from view. October’s new moon is a good time to rest and pause before ramping up again at the end of the month. Similarly, if there’s something that’s been bothering you in regards to a close friend or partner have that difficult conversation at the beginning of the month. Approach the conversation with your usual magnetic charm and you guys will be back on track to celebrate Halloween by the end of the month!

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Your Halloween costumes always center on the latest pop culture reference and this year is no exception. You love going out and having people point and yell “I love your costume!” Enjoy the nice ego stroke but make sure you maintain a level head. October asks you bring your full confidence and self-assurance to everything you do but in a more even and matured way than you have previously. Really try to get in touch with the kind of fully formed person you want to be. No one would bet against you to achieve it!



With elections coming up in November you are at your most active in October. You are volunteering to sign people up to vote, reading up on ballot measures, and letting everyone know your opinions on hot button topics. Friends will be coming to you asking for your take on important issues. This is a great time to start a dialogue and share your knowledge. This month will invigorate you with your energy at an all-time high. Use it to carry yourself and your companions through the seasonal change with excitement and hope.



Lately you’ve been noticing that one of your close friends is troubled in their personal life. Your nurturing disposition asks you to reach out and comfort them. You can offer your shoulder to cry on or ice cream and wine depending on what they need. Just be sure to not let your comforting turn into stifling them. If they need to settle their issue without you then you need to allow them that space and not be over protective. If you can strike this balance, you’ll both grow from the experience.

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This month is a good time for you to temporarily step back from some of your obligations. Lately you have been feeling overwhelmed and this is causing anxiety and a dark energy to hover over you. The darkening days and changing seasons isn’t helping your feelings of despair. To overcome this, dedicate your energy to only one aspect of your life. Also take the time to ask yourself why you wanted to pursue this particular path. This will allow you the time to recover from your other obligations and help you see what is truly important for you.



The golden leaves that surround you in this season bring you more in touch with your alchemic nature. Look at those aspects of your life that may seem mundane or unimpressive and try to transform them into something meaningful and valuable. Finding the beauty in everyday occurrences can dramatically change your outlook and that little bit of sunshine can help carry you through the upcoming winter.



With the seasons changing and the leaves falling you feel yourself withering. You are feeling more and more closed off both socially and mentally. Do your best to recognize those close to you that offer their support through this dark time. It can be easy to forget the positive when it seems like everything around you is in decay. Even though winter is coming the trees are offering one last beacon of joy. Take this energy and hold it in your heart to help you get through the next month.

By Julie Sadino

Posted by Science Buffs

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